Draft submission
Aggregated wholesale access to FTTP


This document was begun in the late fall of 2016 after Bell Canada submitted an R&V on deployment of disaggregated access to COs to further stall the process. with a view towards submitting it

It was to have been submitted shortly after the deadline for submissions for that R&V. However, in the meantime, realisation of the futility of an individual's participation at CRTC especially when one has to fight organisations such as CNOC and PIAC, sunk in and work stopped.

There is no intention to submit this to the CRTC who is, either willingly or naively, acquiesting to Bell Canada's demands that FTTP wholesale access be delayed as long as possible.

Draft submission for aggregated access to FTTP

Main submission
PDF document containing the would-be Part 1.
Link to the Glen Leblanc (Bell Canada CFO) speech of June 2016 at TD Securities conference. This speech is 45 minutes long and covers wide range of topics from wireless to FTTP but contains significant statements with regards to FTTP costs being lower, and Bell Canada definitely intending to shut down copper.
Link to MP3 copy containing the above speech. Can be downloaded and more easily positioned to relevant time indexes. This acts as time index source for Appendix 1 transcript in the submission.


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