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XmCreatePulldownMenu - A RowColumn widget convenience creation function


#include <Xm/RowColumn.h>
Widget XmCreatePulldownMenu (parent, name, arglist, argcount)
      Widget    parent;
      String    name;
      ArgList   arglist;
      Cardinal  argcount;


XmCreatePulldownMenu creates an instance of a RowColumn widget of type XmMENU_PULLDOWN and returns the associated widget ID. When using this function to create the Pulldown MenuPane, a MenuShell widget is automatically created as the parent of the MenuPane. If the widget specified by the parent parameter is a Popup or a Pulldown MenuPane, the MenuShell widget is created as a child of the parent's MenuShell; otherwise, it is created as a child of the specified parent widget.

XmCreatePulldownMenu is provided as a convenience function for creating RowColumn widgets configured to operate as Pulldown MenuPanes and is not implemented as a separate widget class.

A Pulldown MenuPane displays a 3-D shadow, unless the feature is disabled by the application. The shadow appears around the edge of the MenuPane.

A Pulldown MenuPane is used when creating submenus that are to be attached to a CascadeButton or a CascadeButtonGadget. This is the case for all MenuPanes that are part of a PulldownMenu system (a MenuBar), the MenuPane associated with an OptionMenu, and any MenuPanes that cascade from a Popup MenuPane. Pulldown MenuPanes that are to be associated with an OptionMenu must be created before the OptionMenu is created.

The Pulldown MenuPane must be attached to a CascadeButton or CascadeButtonGadget that resides in a MenuBar, a Popup MenuPane, a Pulldown MenuPane, or an OptionMenu. This is done by using the button resource XmNsubMenuId.

A MenuShell widget is required between the Pulldown MenuPane and its parent. If the application uses this convenience function for creating a Pulldown MenuPane, the MenuShell is automatically created as the real parent of the MenuPane; otherwise, it is the application's responsibility to create the MenuShell widget.

To function correctly when incorporated into a menu, the Pulldown MenuPane's hierarchy must be considered; this hierarchy depends on the type of menu system that is being built as follows:

Specifies the parent widget ID
Specifies the name of the created widget
Specifies the argument list
Specifies the number of attribute/value pairs in the argument list (arglist)

PullDown MenuPanes support tear-off capabilities for tear-off menus through XmRowColumn resources. For a complete definition of RowColumn and its associated resources, see XmRowColumn(3X).


Returns the RowColumn widget ID.


XmCascadeButton(3X), XmCascadeButtonGadget(3X), XmCreateOptionMenu(3X), XmCreatePopupMenu(3X), XmCreateSimplePulldownMenu(3X), XmMenuShell(3X), XmRowColumn(3X), and XmVaCreateSimplePulldownMenu(3X).