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XmFontListEntryLoad - A font list function that loads a font or creates a font set and creates an accompanying font list entry


#include <Xm/Xm.h>
XmFontListEntry XmFontListEntryLoad (display, font_name, type, tag)
      Display     *display;
      char        *font_name;
      XmFontType  type;
      char        *tag;


XmFontListEntryLoad loads a font or creates a font set based on the value of the type argument. It creates and returns a font list entry that contains the font or font set and the specified tag.

If the value of type is XmFONT_IS_FONT, the function uses the XtCvtStringToFontStruct routine to convert the value of font_name to a font struct. If the value of type is XmFONT_IS_FONTSET, the function uses the XtCvtStringToFontSet converter to create a font set in the current locale. XmFontListEntryLoad creates a font list entry that contains the font or font set derived from the converter. For more information about XtCvtStringToFontStruct and XtCvtStringToFontSet, see X Toolkit Intrinsics-C Language Interface.

Specifies the display where the font list will be used.
Specifies an X Logical Font Description (XLFD) string, which is interpreted either as a font name or as a base font name list. A base font name list is a comma-separated and NULL-terminated string.
Specifies whether the font_name argument refers to a font name or to a base font name list. Valid values are XmFONT_IS_FONT and XmFONT_IS_FONTSET.
Specifies the tag of the font list entry to be created. The tag may be specified as XmFONTLIST_DEFAULT_TAG. XmFONTLIST_DEFAULT_TAG is used to identify the default font list element in a font list when specified as part of a resource.


If the specified font is not found, or the specified font set can not be created, returns NULL; otherwise, returns a font list entry.


XmFontList(3X), XmFontListAppendEntry(3X), XmFontListEntryCreate(3X), XmFontListEntryFree(3X), XmFontListEntryGetFont(3X), XmFontListEntryGetTag(3X), and XmFontListRemoveEntry(3X).