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XmString - Data type for a compound string


#include <Xm/Xm.h>


XmString is the data type for a compound string. Compound strings include one or more segments, each of which may contain a font list element tag, string direction, and text component. When a compound string is displayed, the font list element tag and the direction are used to determine how to display the text. Whenever a font list element tag is set to XmFONTLIST_DEFAULT_TAG the text is handled as a locale text segment.

Calling XtGetValues for a resource whose type is XmString yields a copy of the compound string resource value. The application is responsible for using XmStringFree to free the memory allocated for the copy.

Refer to the XmFontList man page for a description of the algorithm that associates the font list element tag of a compound string segment with a font list entry in a font list.

The compound string interface consists of the routines listed under "Related Information."


XmStringBaseline(3X), XmStringByteCompare(3X), XmStringCompare(3X), XmStringConcat(3X), XmStringCopy(3X), XmStringCreate(3X), XmStringCreateLtoR(3X), XmStringCreateLocalized(3X), XmStringCreateSimple(3X), XmStringDirection(3X), XmStringDirectionCreate(3X), XmStringDraw(3X), XmStringDrawImage(3X), XmStringDrawUnderline(3X), XmStringEmpty(3X), XmStringExtent(3X), XmStringFree(3X), XmStringFreeContext(3X), XmStringGetLtoR(3X), XmStringGetNextComponent(3X), XmStringGetNextSegment(3X), XmStringHasSubstring(3X), XmStringHeight(3X), XmStringInitContext(3X), XmStringLength(3X), XmStringLineCount(3X), XmStringNConcat(3X), XmStringNCopy(3X), XmStringPeekNextComponent(3X), XmStringSegmentCreate(3X), XmStringSeparatorCreate(3X), XmStringTable(3X), and XmStringWidth(3X).