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Microvax II

The Microvax II Motherboard Microvax II board

The M7606 or 50-16523-02 A1 Microvax II motherboard

The KA630 is a quad-height VAX processor module for the Q22-Bus. The 78032 CPU chip is a 32-bit virtual memory microprocessor packaged in a 68-pin ZMOS (double metal NMOS) chip. At its maximum frequency, the Microvax CPU chip achieves a 200ns microcycle and a 400ns I/O (memory) cycle. As a point of reference, the 80386 circa 1986/1987 ran with a 16MHz clock.

Microvax Interface Gate Array

The Microvax interface gate array consists of two custom Large Scale Integration (LSI) chips. The gate array includes the following features:

Links to other resources:
switch KA630 Manual The Microvax II CPU and motherboard manual (PDF format). Note that this manual is for the first version of the Microvax-II with slightly different chip layouts than those picture above.
switch Microvax II hardware manual This PDF file contains the various documents that described how to install run and configure a microvax II.
switch Microvax II Diagnostics kit The Microvax II's console was extremely primitive and lacked basic functions such as diagnostics, configuration display and more importantly, a disk formatter. This ZIP file contains the files that were found on a MVII Diagnostics tape (AQ-QL5AH-DN) labeled "MVII DIAG CUST TK50".

This has not been tested. The AAA_README.TXT file provides some explanation. There is also a file that copies files to a tape in the order they were present on the original TK50.

Addendum: After initializing the tape to which you copy the files, you need to MOUNT/BLOCKSIZE=512
You should also use the /contiguous and /truncate switches on the copy commands.

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