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The PSION original EPOC os based on the 16 bit SIBO hardware architecture was well ahead of its time, with pre-emptive multitasking, interprocess communications and a user interface designed to put efficiency ahead of glitz.

(The name EPOC was re-used for the Arms based 32 bit OS which is now known as Symbian OS).

Downloadable items:
Travel modem commands The AT command set for the PSION Travel Modem 14.4
Create 32 bit IEEE floating point in OPL This is an OPL code snippet which converts the standard SIBO IEEE floating point (8 bytes) into a 32bit IEEE floating point format. I wrote this to feed a Garmin GPS unit with almanac data which was needed in 32 bit floating point.
PSION Link for MAC This is a stuffit archive of the old MACintosh software to link Series 3 (SIBO/EPOC) machines. It consists of the MCLINK "server" application, and a PSIONLINK MAC driven application. It unstuffs into a folder called PSION 3. Included is a note from comp.sys.psion.comm on how to patch the MCLINK application to support higher speeds.

This software came with the Series 3A serial adaptor (the soap on a rope). Backup from the 3c to the mac seems incapable of creating directories, but if the directory structure already exists on your mac which matches that of the psion, MClink has no problems.

PRVEDIT Internet profile editor This is a ZIP archive of the PRVEDIT utility which allows you to create/edit ISP provider files used by the PSION internet connectivity suite. PRVEDIT is an application created by Jochen Bernhard Siegenthaler in Switzerland.
PSIMAIL suite This is a ZIP archive of the old internet suite for the retired PSION 3 series handhelds. It has a *very* primitive browser, a half decent email application and internet tools such as ping, traceroute etc.

Note: the bowser does not send the "Host:" HTTP field, so when connecting to multi-homed web servers (common noawdays), the server will not know which web site you are really trying to access).

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